How Much Does Garage Door Repair Venice Cost?

Do you need to fix something with your garage door but you worry that you might have to spend loads of money? This is a serious concern for many homeowners. But the garage door repair cost should never be a reason to ignore the problem and risk making it worse. By knowing some rough estimates, you can get an idea of how much you would need to spend and give you time to prepare your budget.

Of course, the cost of the repair depends on the particular problem your garage door has. If the movement is uneven, then there might be an issue with the garage door springs. If the springs need to be replaced, it can cost you $300. This is a huge sum, but it’s largely because it takes about three hours to replace the springs. If the tracks are the cause of the uneven movement, then you may have to shell out about $120 to $150.


If the garage door doesn’t open or close, several factors may be to blame. Something might be blocking the sensor, causing the door to malfunction. The opener itself might also be faulty. In some cases, replacing the battery of the opener can fix the problem. There might also be a wheel track obstruction, which may cost you up to $150 to repair.

Are there loud noises every time you open or close the garage door? The tracks may have a lot of debris inside. It’s also possible that it lacks lubrication. There’s a special type of lubricant to clean the garage door tracks, which shouldn’t cost you a lot of money.

If the garage falls faster than usual, then something might be wrong with the cables or chains. These parts do not cost a lot, but it takes time to install them which is why the average cost hovers in the $150 to $200 range.

These are only rough estimates of garage door repair cost. Be sure to consult a professional to identify the root cause of your problem and determine how much you’d need to spend.